Dedicated Cultural and Civic Space website launches

Local government guidelines restrict the way in which we can provide information to the community through the Have Your Say Website.

The Council decided on the basis of:

1. Misinformation circulating;

2. Restrictions of current Have Your Say website layout; and

3. Heightened community interest and desire to engage in project.

The development of a dedicated website to the Project is an efficient way to present accurate information and provide the community with publicly available material that previously may have been difficult to locate.

The Coffs Harbour City Council has launched the Heart of Coffs website for the Cultural and Civic Space project.

The Coffs Harbour City Council has also established a Heart of Coffs Facebook Page, so community members can ask questions and have discussions in an online space, that does not overshadow or distract from the business as usual undertakings of the Council (exisiting Council Facebook page). home page


Contact Us:

Facebook: @HeartOfCoffs

Phone: (02) 6648 4000


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